LA Style fashion Week dispatch. Madison Park collection




LA Style Fashion Week runs from October 9th to 16th.   I had just returned from my trip in Taipei and was still severely jet lagged, but I made a point of seeing two shows at two different locations back to back on one particular night.

This is MadisonPark Collective.  The show incorporated street dancing, to the background music of Michael Jackson’s “Who’s bad.”  To me personally, this presentation is unconventional, but then again, this is LA, and Madison Park to me is going more for street-like, accessible stylishness.  MadisonPark Collective uses eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed military canvas, recycled cottons, salvaged denim, authentic washes which is refreshing.   Look and feel and sound didn’t yield high fashion but was pleasing with its energy and liveliness.  Quality of models was consistent and good, which is rare when it comes to runways for male clothing lines in LA and Taipei.

If I am allowed to be candid for a little bit.  I would like to make observation on etiquettes.  This part has nothing to do with the designer himself and his collection.  This night with the two shows I was attending I was for one “general admissioner” and for the other VIP, so I experienced the differences in attitude on both ends.  This show makes general admissioners waited for 2 hours, and the person in charge of the line at times put condescending remarks on people who asked about show time, which was actually pushed back for over an hour due to schedule conflicts, “in fashion world, when it says 8:30 it means 9.”  But the show was supposed to start at 8:00pm.  Interestingly myself, and a lot of people I talked to actually attend high fashion events quite frequently.  I wouldn’t say none of the fashion shows I attended started later but it’s not necessarily a norm, and all attendees are usually treated with decent amount of respect, albeit more attention to VIPs.  I understand there is a need to differentiate press, VIP, and general admissioners but I would advocate LA style fashion week to treat all attendees with certain amount of respect. You never know who among general admissioners are actually VIPs in several other events, have great influence in opinion shaping, and have great purchasing powers.  Among the people I talked who were stuck in that line were also buyers, and they’ve traveled far to come to see the show and supposedly should have been given special passes.  The general impression on LA fashion scene is “a lot of attitude, not much content.”  Shouldn’t we prove them wrong, LA?

~ by anita314 on October 19, 2012.

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