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LA Style Fashion Week- LAPrivy Magazine show Part 1 PU3

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On October 19th, LAPrivy Magazine brought a breathtaking ensemble to the runway of Vibiana, showcasing collections by PU3, iiJin, and Masai Payan. The show, punctuated with non-gimmicky “wow” factors throughout, achieved an almost orgasmic effect toward the end. I found myself sighed with satisfaction aftermath.

The collections presented were stellar.  The show captivated my attention with superb atmosphere modulations through sounds, runway attitudes, color tones, styles, and surprise performance, keeping it raw and engaging.  I also appreciated that 3 distinctively different styles of designs were introduced with PU3 elegantly sensual and exotic, iiJin ultra charming, flirty, and colorful(it’s “oh so LA” in all the good ways), and Masai Payan devine, heavenly, and regal. I need to break down my coverage to 3 different blogs each dedicated to one designer lest this blog gets unbearably long. Here is Part 1 for collections by PU3.

PU3 is designed by the Ramli twins from Malaysia with international appeal. They give each collection such poetic theme  names such as “silent revolution” “liberal Rebel” and, for this particular one, “untamed.”  The naming seems to reveal their desire to break boundaries and such desire increasing in strength with each collection. I find their style sophisticatedly sensual with exotic flair.  While the “untamed” element is not pronounced to me, this collection has its own unique allure.

I found few looks particularly breathtaking, beckoning with the hues evoking African safari imaginations.  One such look exudes animalistic exoticism – exemplified by a sandy brown blouse of flowing material in tiger(or of sort) fur print matched with a peplum in the same print softened and diluted.  Another look oozes feminine earthiness- a black bodysuit with asymmetrical shoulder cut matched with a thigh- lengthed shawl in geometric print featuring prominent use of red mud color.   The mastery manifests in that these prints, while eye-catching, still grounded with modern finishings, such as solid color definitions and water color-like appearances, preventing them from being flashy and out-datedly gaudy.

PU3 designers incorporate details that elevate their designs from mediocrity to appealing, asymmetrical decollage on the flat of the chest and front waist, sequined flounce belt, snake-skinned glitter print sheath just to name a few.  Those details are incorporated in such ways that give enough “oomp” to the design but still maintain sophistication, without a hint of trashiness.

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new name, and new URL

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Dear readers.

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Shanghai Fashion Week Dispatch By A D Rankin- DBHK “outbound” show featuring Amenpapa, ISM, Yoyo, and Chows

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While I can not personally be in Shanghai, I have my eyes and ears out there.  Shanghai has established itself as a fashion mecca in the world arena in recent years.  Recognizing its booming economy, major brands swoon in to dazzle, and local brands emerge like spring blooms.  This just in, a dispatch from Shanghai by A.D Rankin offering his view on what he sees at DBHK “Outbound” fashion show featuring Hong Kong based clothing and Jewelry designers, Amenpapa, ISM, Yoyo, and Chows on October 22nd in XinTianDi, DAY 5 of Shanghai Fashion Week.  We need male perspectives on fashion sometimes, so I pressed him to write.  This is what he says:

DBHK, short for designer brands Hong Kong, is a Hong Kong brand used to promote Hong Kong designers to the global fashion world. “Outbound” was the title given to their Shanghai Fashion Week show, this clearly reflecting their attitude. The brand claims to be more for industry insiders, aimed to suit designer types.  I was there at the Outbound show, where they showcased several brands, and I generally had good thoughts.

Amenapa started first on the catwalk and to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed. If you’re young and free, you might like this style of clothing,  but I can’t see it being pulled off by people over the age of 16. It was too bright, too many patterns, and just aiming to be too hip.

The giant triangle earrings, were a hit and did look good though.

If DBHK is looking to appeal to the creative types, then ISM did a great job. They went for that high fashion look mixed with subtlety and class. Their designs clearly appealed to photographers, architects, designers and so on, who want to to dress up, while not looking flamboyant at the office. The darker shades weren’t  screaming look at me, but instead insinuated style, maturity and confidence.

Of the three clothing brands on show, Yoyo Yeung elicited excitement with her designs. Yoyo Yeung looks to celebrate a women’s femininity,  and she did this. The clothing was feminine, glamorous and fun. If you’re looking for something that’s going to turn heads while giving you a refined look, then  this could be something for you. The designs were never over done with colour, sometimes using single tones, other designs mixing two or three.  The first few dresses on show had a grain of 70s chic, but there were a number of outfits, which reflected different styles.

Among the non-clothing names was the jewellery brand Chows. The brand added the splash of colour any mono-hue outfit needs, adding that touch of life to some of night’s subtle designs. Chows jewellery are all handmade, and Chief Designer and Founder Maryjo, says she aims to create vintage and modern styles, while sometimes combining the two. You could see this on display tonight, with necklaces that were vintage in style, but given a modern edge with the use and mix of solid colours.  Maryjo holds an MA in Fashion Business at the Nottingham Trend University in the United Kingdom and BA in Product Design.

(Photo: Chows)

It was only DBHK’s third anniversary, and I hope I get to see how the brand in evolving at next year’s Shanghai Fashion Week

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