LA Style fashion Week dispatch. Madison Park collection

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LA Style Fashion Week runs from October 9th to 16th.   I had just returned from my trip in Taipei and was still severely jet lagged, but I made a point of seeing two shows at two different locations back to back on one particular night.

This is MadisonPark Collective.  The show incorporated street dancing, to the background music of Michael Jackson’s “Who’s bad.”  To me personally, this presentation is unconventional, but then again, this is LA, and Madison Park to me is going more for street-like, accessible stylishness.  MadisonPark Collective uses eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed military canvas, recycled cottons, salvaged denim, authentic washes which is refreshing.   Look and feel and sound didn’t yield high fashion but was pleasing with its energy and liveliness.  Quality of models was consistent and good, which is rare when it comes to runways for male clothing lines in LA and Taipei.

If I am allowed to be candid for a little bit.  I would like to make observation on etiquettes.  This part has nothing to do with the designer himself and his collection.  This night with the two shows I was attending I was for one “general admissioner” and for the other VIP, so I experienced the differences in attitude on both ends.  This show makes general admissioners waited for 2 hours, and the person in charge of the line at times put condescending remarks on people who asked about show time, which was actually pushed back for over an hour due to schedule conflicts, “in fashion world, when it says 8:30 it means 9.”  But the show was supposed to start at 8:00pm.  Interestingly myself, and a lot of people I talked to actually attend high fashion events quite frequently.  I wouldn’t say none of the fashion shows I attended started later but it’s not necessarily a norm, and all attendees are usually treated with decent amount of respect, albeit more attention to VIPs.  I understand there is a need to differentiate press, VIP, and general admissioners but I would advocate LA style fashion week to treat all attendees with certain amount of respect. You never know who among general admissioners are actually VIPs in several other events, have great influence in opinion shaping, and have great purchasing powers.  Among the people I talked who were stuck in that line were also buyers, and they’ve traveled far to come to see the show and supposedly should have been given special passes.  The general impression on LA fashion scene is “a lot of attitude, not much content.”  Shouldn’t we prove them wrong, LA?


From 兆福企業:Epson Toyocom Gyro Sensors (微型陀螺儀感測器)

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EPSON TOYOCOM使用石英晶體並運用QMEMS技術來開發製作 GYRO SENSOR(陀螺儀),在需要高準確性、無磁滯現象、低歸零偏移及高穩定性產品領域中獲得極高評價,石英振盪器陀螺儀封裝後的尺寸僅5.0mm x 3.2mmx.1.3mm,小到足以放在指尖。Epson Toyocom原創的double-T架構的優點在於感測臂只在旋轉時振動,其設計從底座開始收縮,因此不會遺漏任何振動。同時,其收縮振動位於同一平面上,使其對外部雜訊擁有強大的抵抗力,是一種極為理想的架構。
現今已應用於各式各樣的產品之中, 如
1.DVC, DSC數碼相機防抖等用途。
2.Personal Navigation Devices (PND),GPS 等導航產品
5.立體滑鼠(用Powerpoint presentation時使用)
     1. 偵測物體是否正在轉動
     2. 偵測物體正往那個方位轉動
     3.  測量物體目前正在轉動的速度(角速度)與方位
     4.  測量物體已轉動的位移角度
通常GPS會受到地理與天候等環境的影響,並無法確保隨時隨地都能接收到衛星訊號來進行定位,例如當天候不佳或處於都會區的大樓夾縫中以致衛星訊號收訊不良時,這時候就需要透過 Acceleration 與 Gyro sensor 的輔助,對於前者可以推算出移動距離,而後者可以推算方位偏向角度,若在加上 Compass 來校正,就可以達成慣性導航系統 (Inertial Navigation System, INS) 的功能。

點(click) 兆福企業Gyro Sensors 微型陀螺儀感測器 產品簡介網頁


Headband is In (戴起你的髮圈)(Comlex Biz Press Event)

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I have been undertaking a quiet revolution for some time.   I am not sure why in a lot events I go to, people do not wear headbands.  I love my headbands though, and I have sneaked them into events where there is low to none representation of headband wearer.   

我其實一直偷偷在進行一個革命, 我不懂為何成人很少帶髮圈, 由其在許多正式場合, 好像大家就一定要看起來很成熟冷豔才行, 有的時候, 我會在很多沒有人戴髮圈的場合, 偷偷的戴起來

I was invited to a press event for Complex Biz, a luxury hair adornment brand from Japan.   I felt right at home.   Complex Biz was founded by a Japanese married couple in 1974.  They originally distributed another brand they discovered in Beverly Hills.  As  popularity of hair adornment products grew in Japan, they developed Complex Biz catering to Asian people’s head shape and hair texture.  Complex Biz’ Taiwan distributor happens to be a friend of my mother’s, an elegant and lovely lady.  The press event held a contest, 2 teams, one with Eros Hair Salon’s Monkey from styling Lebi Zhang, the other with Yoshimi Matsuda styling popular model.  After the press conference, I had fun having my hair styled by Monkey.     

所以Complex Biz記者會對我來說是很有趣的, 碧茲創立於1974年,COMPLEX BIZ最初是日本設計師由佐間夫婦於1974年引進美國比佛利山莊時尚品牌,後為亞洲女性頭型和髮量設計加上日本元素創立的品牌, 在日本有50多家櫃位, 媽咪的朋友是台灣的代理, 記者會上, Eros髮廊的Monkey幫Lebi, 來自日本的名媛style大師松田芳美幫花花, 用Biz的髮飾變出亮麗造型, 會後, Monkey也幫我們幾個參加的女孩打扮, 我戴的這個紅色的髮圈剛好配我的衣服, 後面用幾個甜心夾夾起!!   髮圈, 其實是可以戴的!! 髮飾, 也是很好玩的喔!!

Wear what you wanna wear; do what u wanna do!   That’s all I am trying to say here!!!

我喜歡髮圈, 你可能喜歡其它髮飾, 或是不戴, 甚至想理光頭, 穿你想穿的, 戴你想戴的, 做你想做的, 高興就好, 這篇要說的就是這個.

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From 兆福企業: Sarantel 討論apple iphone, 行動定位服務, GPS天線

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我的部落格, 到現在為止,對生活中日驅重要的一部份, 工作,  還未著墨,兆福企業(SPK Electronics Co., Ltd)是我工作的地方, 兆福除了製造頻率控制相關產品,同時也是英國Sarantel公司在台灣/中國大陸及香港專利的Geohelix GPS 天線產品總代理,同時銷售SEIKO EPSON / EPSON TOYOCOM 產品。

這篇就來說說Sarantel GeoHelix GPS天線, 因為天線研發, 最近在Apple iphone收訊問題後, 終於受到正視, 英國Sarantel Ltd在2003年找到了兆福, 當時, Sarantel公司還未上市, 並且量也不大, 不過, 因為兆福在亞洲區的努力, 及Sarantel GeoHelix天線產品功能性的明顯突出, , 隔年起, 銷量就成長500倍, Sarantel GPS Antenna, 被許多製造設計GPS產品大廠廣範的運用, 如Garmin Colorado, Sonim, Iridium 9555 Satellite Telephone, xmp3 portable satellite radio, Tom Tom, LG等,

以下為Sarantel就最近Apple將GPS天線列為手機科技重點發展的討論新聞稿, 英文版的之前已po過了, 這篇稿是直翻:

蘋果產品最近發生的種種問題, 已將天線設計拉到手機科技的前線。

對於從事天線設計的人員來說, 蘋果最近所言「改良天線科技對於智慧型手機(smartphone)產業是一大挑戰」並不驚訝. 隨著手機設計的精緻化, 因螢幕增大相對所需電池體積的增加, 手機中給與其它電路系統的容量相對減少. 蘋果的對訊號接收的解決方法雖創新, 但, 如我們所見, 功能還是如同其它傳統的天線無法抵抗物理學上的限制。

最近蘋果或其競爭者在設計上不斷顯露出的問題, 再再顯示了人體對無線訊號(Radio Signal)讓人驚訝的干擾性, 如同海綿一般吸收可用的無線訊號, 這已是一個無法逃避的人體生物學與天線物理學的議題。

我們不會自稱掌握了可解決iphone目前聲音訊號天線問題的方法, 但生物學與物理學對於GPS訊號接收, 同樣有不可忽視的影響, 而GPS訊號的接收, 是我們致力的方向, 事實上, 由於GPS訊號通常由12,500哩 (miles)發射, 不是經由鄰近的發射基地, 比一般訊號還遠, 設計可以接收如此微弱訊號的優質GPS天線比設計一般天線還要句挑戰性。

對於手持式產品(如手機, PDA..etc)的製造商來說, 訊號干擾是個大問題, 最近iSuppli公司的報告顯示2011年, 80%的智慧型手機(smartphones)會具備GPS功能.  也就是這樣行動定位服務 (LBS)如 Foursquare, Gowallaand Layar, 更別說由iTune或Android市場來的幾千個行動定位服務程式如雨後春筍般出現。

我們相信, 除非手持式產品業者了解現今GPS天線設計上對於人體接觸干擾上的欠缺, 且正視目前還未能提供使用者需要性能的事實, 行動定位服務市場終究無法健全並營利, 因過多的訊號流失會導致相關電子產品必需消耗過多珍貴的電力。

這就是為何我們致力於研發在容量上最有效率的天線設計, 可用以驅動下一代行動定位服務應用程式, Sarantel的方法是利用誘電性的陶瓷 (Dielectric Ceramics)去製造對身體接觸最不受干擾的小型天線. 我們研發出可將珍貴的無線訊號儲存在天線核心, 不會像許多天線般讓訊號流失到外圍,讓如海綿般人體吸去了訊號。

我們研發出的產品, 以較少的電力驅動更精確可靠的定位功能, 沒有強壯可靠的定位功能, 大眾最終不可能真的仰賴行動定位服務(LBS)程式, 我們相信要將最有效能的設計放在有限的體積中, 並持續的推出效能更高體積更小的設計。

製造業者當然會看見使用Sarantel天線後訊號接收的改善, 但最後的結果, 還是取決於使用者的感受, 行動定位服務的成功與否在於使用者可否信任他們的GPS產品是否真的可帶他們去他們想去的地方, 或正確的告知他們目前的所在, 並且不會時而因傳統GPS天線所造成資訊上的錯誤遲滯而感到氣餒, 我們有信心Sarantel天線科技的精準性及功能性, 絕對可以讓行動定位服務產業完全發展它的潛能。 (完)

對了, 還有一個在GPS相關產品中很棒的東西, 叫Gyrosensor, 至於他為何如此重要, 它如何work? 請待下回分曉吧!!!

兆福企業 經濟日報報導

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我的父親,  白手起家, 創立了兆福企業(SPK Electronics Co., Ltd), 這家公司, 讓我們全家, 沒有後顧之憂的一路成長, 我們在2003年代理英國SARANTEL公司的GPS Geohelix柱狀天線.  這是全球唯一研發出的全向性,靠近人或物體時不會Detune,可以stand along 不需PCB就可固定頻率, 又容易崁入的GPS天線, 今年年初, 公司第一次舉辦了一個科技講習會, 許多科技公司的研發人員同聚一堂, 我今年也是為了這個研討會從LA回到臺灣, 然後, 就這樣住下來了, 這是當日經濟日報對我們的報導,  請為我們加油

兆福代理英國SARANTEL GPS Geohilix柱狀天線 舉辦研討會


兆福公司董事長張柏淙(左起)、SARANTEL 業務主任Chris Muir、 高級應用工程師 Nick Padfield 、 科技長 Oliver Leisten、兆福總經理林麗珀和總經理特助張永萱在研討會上合影。項孟汝/攝影

【台北訊】兆福公司 代理英國SARANTEL公司的GPS Geohelix柱狀天線,日前舉辦研討會,邀請英國SARANTEL的科技長Mr. Oliver Leisten、業務主任Chris Muir及高級應用工程師Nick Padfield來台為該產品做詳細說明。
隨著GPS科技迅速發展及產業競爭的白熱化,應用軟體功能及整合系統不斷地提升,企業如何選購適合的GPS天線產品已成為當務之急。曾多次榮獲經濟部國貿局評選為年度績優進出口商的兆福公司,引進SARANTEL公司的GPS Geohelix柱狀天線,其產品特性為全向性,靠近人或物體時不會Detune,可作為自己的過濾器,能抵制一般種類的干擾,容易崁入,是一種標準的組件,體積很小,是企業購買GPS天線產品的優先選擇。(項孟汝)

Chanel Jewelry Event and Mikimoto “With love” Event

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Some people asked why I have stopped blogging about fashion events I go to.  Then it’s downed on me that I have gradually lost the beginner’s jitter 9 months into staying in Taiwan this year.    My resolution from now on is to try to capture events that I go to the best I can.

This post  will focus on 2 events that occured few months ago, Chanel’s Jewelry event with “vendome” theme, and Mikimoto’s “with love” pearl necklace event.   Most of the fashion events are designed to bring awareness to the target customers and media.  They are usually exclusive and invitees encompass fashion editors, media, socialites, VIP customers, models, celebrities, fashion PR personnels, personalities and so on.  Attendees go to those events to view the season’s newest items to purchase, pick up the latest trend, network, or to be seen.  From time to time I do see myself and my friends on magazines coming from those events, but in Taiwan, I still find myself observe things through the eyes of a traveller.  I make myself this way, for it’s when one ceases to feel that sense of detachment the weight of life begins to catch on to him- maybe that’s why I have gradually lost my jitter.

So in May I attended this Chanel Jewelry event.  I was pretty late to the event, therefore completely missed the first part.  I could only report the part I saw, which, is Place Vendome.   But it’s in Taiwan, not in the good old Paris.   And it’s made of  150 thousand Chanel No.5 perfume caps.   An opera singer singing “phantom of the opera” with a violinist and made their rounds along the glittering “vendome square” that looks like a crystal castle with the vendome images as the backdrop.  ( sorry if I offend any phantom fan, but I wish it could have been a song less heard.  I have to say phantom has become almost a cliche to me.)   In March, Chanel exhibited its top Jewelry in Place Vendome in Paris.   I suppose the concept of the show is to bring vendome, which is associated with churning out the most exquisite trend, to Chanel VIPs everywhere.    It did bring me back to memories of those walks around the real Place Vendome when I was in Paris and I enjoyed that.

If  Chanel’s event gave an aura of elegant aloofness and distant allure, Mikimoto’s “with love” pearl necklace dinner fashion show evoked warm grace and accesible prettiness.  The setting was pretty with pearl white and colorful yet clean floral arrangements, akin to a wedding ceremony.  Meal was superb, and one of the best I had from all shows in terms of actual taste on the palate.  There was no runway, but models walked in vincinity of attendees and showcased their latest jewelry collections, wearing classy gowns befitting to the wedding theme.   The key was to allow all of us to actually see and try on those pieces.  They used some of the most reknowned models in Taiwan.

Now back to Chanel’s Vendome, a walk into the scintillating “vendome square” saw displays of the gorgeous Jewelry.    I have to say I am more familiar with Chanel bags and clothing rather than its Jewelry and attending the show brought awareness to their gorgeous designs.  There were few pieces that were features of the season.  I am sure all fans of Chanel Jewelry are well aware of that.  So I am simply going to post photos of the ones that i noticed.

As for Mikimoto, I am pleasantly surprised by its innovative design this year.  My impression of Mikimoto has always been rather conservative, and reserved.  This collection has few pieces that were quite original and fresh.  Few pieces adapt the trend of adjustable necklaces.  I am highlighting few styles that caught my eyes.

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ok, until next time.

Modeling Experience

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In late April, I met the daughter of a clothing brand specialized in putting works by famous Chinese painters on textile.   I remembered having read about this brand on a Chinese news website previously when I was in LA.  She approached me to do a catalogue for their scarf collection and modeled for a VIP event for their top 30 clients .    The theme of the VIP event was “Audrey Hepburn.”   Back then I was very new in the fashion scene and only began to encounter various fashion figures.   The brand I was modeling for is a new brand making waves in the elite circle but has not achieved mainstream sucess.   I was made up to be like “Audrey Hepburn,” with 3 layers of fake eye lashes.  I have never wore fake eye lashes before.   In fact, the act of putting on fake eyelashes myself would require a lot of philosophical debate internally, as if leaving the age of innocence behind.     I was straddling between my inherrent desire for simplicity and a new lifestyle I was already embarking on and yet unaware of.    I was to walk with Duncan Ho, a fashion designer, producer, art director, stylist that is dubbed “fashion encyclopedia” by many people in Taiwan fashion circle.

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