Headband is In (戴起你的髮圈)(Comlex Biz Press Event)

I have been undertaking a quiet revolution for some time.   I am not sure why in a lot events I go to, people do not wear headbands.  I love my headbands though, and I have sneaked them into events where there is low to none representation of headband wearer.   

我其實一直偷偷在進行一個革命, 我不懂為何成人很少帶髮圈, 由其在許多正式場合, 好像大家就一定要看起來很成熟冷豔才行, 有的時候, 我會在很多沒有人戴髮圈的場合, 偷偷的戴起來

I was invited to a press event for Complex Biz, a luxury hair adornment brand from Japan.   I felt right at home.   Complex Biz was founded by a Japanese married couple in 1974.  They originally distributed another brand they discovered in Beverly Hills.  As  popularity of hair adornment products grew in Japan, they developed Complex Biz catering to Asian people’s head shape and hair texture.  Complex Biz’ Taiwan distributor happens to be a friend of my mother’s, an elegant and lovely lady.  The press event held a contest, 2 teams, one with Eros Hair Salon’s Monkey from styling Lebi Zhang, the other with Yoshimi Matsuda styling popular model.  After the press conference, I had fun having my hair styled by Monkey.     

所以Complex Biz記者會對我來說是很有趣的, 碧茲創立於1974年,COMPLEX BIZ最初是日本設計師由佐間夫婦於1974年引進美國比佛利山莊時尚品牌,後為亞洲女性頭型和髮量設計加上日本元素創立的品牌, 在日本有50多家櫃位, 媽咪的朋友是台灣的代理, 記者會上, Eros髮廊的Monkey幫Lebi, 來自日本的名媛style大師松田芳美幫花花, 用Biz的髮飾變出亮麗造型, 會後, Monkey也幫我們幾個參加的女孩打扮, 我戴的這個紅色的髮圈剛好配我的衣服, 後面用幾個甜心夾夾起!!   髮圈, 其實是可以戴的!! 髮飾, 也是很好玩的喔!!

Wear what you wanna wear; do what u wanna do!   That’s all I am trying to say here!!!

我喜歡髮圈, 你可能喜歡其它髮飾, 或是不戴, 甚至想理光頭, 穿你想穿的, 戴你想戴的, 做你想做的, 高興就好, 這篇要說的就是這個.

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~ by anita314 on October 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Headband is In (戴起你的髮圈)(Comlex Biz Press Event)”

  1. i love it!!!do what u wanna do!that’s alright!!!!=)))

  2. hahahah i mean that’s right!

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