Chanel Jewelry Event and Mikimoto “With love” Event

Some people asked why I have stopped blogging about fashion events I go to.  Then it’s downed on me that I have gradually lost the beginner’s jitter 9 months into staying in Taiwan this year.    My resolution from now on is to try to capture events that I go to the best I can.

This post  will focus on 2 events that occured few months ago, Chanel’s Jewelry event with “vendome” theme, and Mikimoto’s “with love” pearl necklace event.   Most of the fashion events are designed to bring awareness to the target customers and media.  They are usually exclusive and invitees encompass fashion editors, media, socialites, VIP customers, models, celebrities, fashion PR personnels, personalities and so on.  Attendees go to those events to view the season’s newest items to purchase, pick up the latest trend, network, or to be seen.  From time to time I do see myself and my friends on magazines coming from those events, but in Taiwan, I still find myself observe things through the eyes of a traveller.  I make myself this way, for it’s when one ceases to feel that sense of detachment the weight of life begins to catch on to him- maybe that’s why I have gradually lost my jitter.

So in May I attended this Chanel Jewelry event.  I was pretty late to the event, therefore completely missed the first part.  I could only report the part I saw, which, is Place Vendome.   But it’s in Taiwan, not in the good old Paris.   And it’s made of  150 thousand Chanel No.5 perfume caps.   An opera singer singing “phantom of the opera” with a violinist and made their rounds along the glittering “vendome square” that looks like a crystal castle with the vendome images as the backdrop.  ( sorry if I offend any phantom fan, but I wish it could have been a song less heard.  I have to say phantom has become almost a cliche to me.)   In March, Chanel exhibited its top Jewelry in Place Vendome in Paris.   I suppose the concept of the show is to bring vendome, which is associated with churning out the most exquisite trend, to Chanel VIPs everywhere.    It did bring me back to memories of those walks around the real Place Vendome when I was in Paris and I enjoyed that.

If  Chanel’s event gave an aura of elegant aloofness and distant allure, Mikimoto’s “with love” pearl necklace dinner fashion show evoked warm grace and accesible prettiness.  The setting was pretty with pearl white and colorful yet clean floral arrangements, akin to a wedding ceremony.  Meal was superb, and one of the best I had from all shows in terms of actual taste on the palate.  There was no runway, but models walked in vincinity of attendees and showcased their latest jewelry collections, wearing classy gowns befitting to the wedding theme.   The key was to allow all of us to actually see and try on those pieces.  They used some of the most reknowned models in Taiwan.

Now back to Chanel’s Vendome, a walk into the scintillating “vendome square” saw displays of the gorgeous Jewelry.    I have to say I am more familiar with Chanel bags and clothing rather than its Jewelry and attending the show brought awareness to their gorgeous designs.  There were few pieces that were features of the season.  I am sure all fans of Chanel Jewelry are well aware of that.  So I am simply going to post photos of the ones that i noticed.

As for Mikimoto, I am pleasantly surprised by its innovative design this year.  My impression of Mikimoto has always been rather conservative, and reserved.  This collection has few pieces that were quite original and fresh.  Few pieces adapt the trend of adjustable necklaces.  I am highlighting few styles that caught my eyes.

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ok, until next time.

~ by anita314 on September 9, 2010.

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