Modeling Experience

In late April, I met the daughter of a clothing brand specialized in putting works by famous Chinese painters on textile.   I remembered having read about this brand on a Chinese news website previously when I was in LA.  She approached me to do a catalogue for their scarf collection and modeled for a VIP event for their top 30 clients .    The theme of the VIP event was “Audrey Hepburn.”   Back then I was very new in the fashion scene and only began to encounter various fashion figures.   The brand I was modeling for is a new brand making waves in the elite circle but has not achieved mainstream sucess.   I was made up to be like “Audrey Hepburn,” with 3 layers of fake eye lashes.  I have never wore fake eye lashes before.   In fact, the act of putting on fake eyelashes myself would require a lot of philosophical debate internally, as if leaving the age of innocence behind.     I was straddling between my inherrent desire for simplicity and a new lifestyle I was already embarking on and yet unaware of.    I was to walk with Duncan Ho, a fashion designer, producer, art director, stylist that is dubbed “fashion encyclopedia” by many people in Taiwan fashion circle.

~ by anita314 on August 25, 2010.

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