Ortolon Restaurant, Los Angeles

In 2008, Ortolon garnered one michelin star and has remained a pride in Los Angeles fine dinning since then. Jeri Ryan, a popular actress from TV series “Shark”, has been the face of the restaurant which she co-owned with her husband Christophe Eme.   Ortolon has not failed to breath freshness to  Haute Cuisine

Ortolon from its website

With this particular review on Ortolon, I simply want to bring attention to this restaurant.  I dined there in 2007, and honestly I forgot a lot of the details about the food except that it did live up to my expectation.  When walked in, the pervailing use of color white provided stricking elegance to its interior, as crystal Chandeliers illuminating the incandescently white high back leather sofa booths and velvet white drapes in the backdrop.   The roomful of whiteness is superbly texturized to invigorate the eyes.   In lieu of my own photos,  I am providing this link  full of ortolon images to illustrate its beauty,  for Ortolon’s ambience goes hand in hand with it’s culinary excellence.   I will let Gayot tell you about the food in Ortolon.  http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/ortolan-west-hollywood-ca-90048_2la040824.html

I take no credits for any of the photos on the links I recommended.  I am simply providing them so you could share an experience with me!   Bare with me, I dined at some of the great places back in my pre-blog era!

I start to notice that a lot of times when I dine at a restaurant my appreciation level is heavily influenced by its visual impression.  I am a foodie and at times I’d rather starve myself if the food immediately available to me can not delight my palate.  However, when review a restaurant I sometimes find attempts at describing the palate vain.   Photos seem to be more effective than words at conveying effects of food most of times.   But at times I will make attempt at describing taste when I am so moved.

~ by anita314 on April 21, 2010.

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