BluMarine Fashion Event in Taipei, Taiwan

The star-dudded event took place in the newest building in Hsing Yi district across the street from Vieshow Cinema, a multiplex entertainment center.  The new building was carefully guarded for the show. Hsing Yi District is a newly developed area in Taipei that is often thought of as the most trendiest, akin to the 5th avenue in NYC. Though I normally do not like to make such comparison I’ve found that it’s an effective way to give ideas to people who have not visited Taiwan.

The fashion show presented both BluMarine and Bluegirl lines.   I can’t say I see clear differentiation between the lines.  The overall style is feminine, pretty, and accessible.  Lots of use of prints and bright colors.  I especially like its metallic blue pieces.  They are elegant and playful.  Actress Kuei Luen Mei’s clad in a blue, seaside patterned, asymmetrical, wrapped dress that reminded me of Salome people wear in the South Pacific lslands.   Model Annie Chen wore a metallic blue bubble dress with clever use of accessories, a blue beaded necklace hanged to her chest with a blue flower resting on one shoulder, and headbands.  Singer Tanya Tsai, befitting to her chipper dispotion, was clad in a stylish blue jumpsuit, which was modern and chic.

Kwai Lun-Mei, my favorite Taiwan celebrity belonging to the genra of the “classy, understated and ethereal” beauty (as opposed to the “glamorous and sexy”), attended the show, along with Taiwan’s “Queen of ballroom dancing” Liu Jing and Janet Lee.    Singer Tanya Tsai performed after the fashion show.  Kwai’s first music TV stint, when she was just a blosoming new actress in town, was for Tanya.  They became close friends after that.  Super Model Wei Ru walked the runway, but I found newcomer Annie Chen the most enchanting to behold.  Her dewey baby-faced sexiness was raw, albeit lack of sophistication, but was ironically befitting to some of the dresses that seemed to emphasize in youthful sweetness.  She was discovered by Catwalk agency, Taiwan’s No.1 modeling agency, in 2007, after winning its “dream star” competition.    

It was almost an mission impossible to feign class while sneaking shots of photos but I did it:P I was seated in the second row during the fashion show but all those heads blocked my view.




~ by anita314 on April 20, 2010.

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