Joel Robuchon Vegas

December, 2009

Joël Robuchon Restaurant at MGM Grand, the only restaurant in Vegas, and one of the only 8 in USA that receives 3 Michelin (non in LA) in 2009. It’s pricey, as expected, but not “overpriced,” for the experience worths every dime. If you order the 16 course meal, expect to eat more than 4 hours.

Dining at Joel Robuchon is an experience.   When I walked into this intimate and serene eating heaven, I was first invigorated by its use of color purple in its ambience.  The plush velvety sofa we were to be seated in, with its glimmering purple tone, were eye-opening yet not gaudy.  It energized and yet at the same time softened the space.  Service is without a doubt superb.  They were personal but not intrusive, classy but also relaxed.  The food is of course a trip to the palate, with many layers of delights.  As a visual person I am particularly impressed with their presentation.  They use plates that are specially designed to compliment each dish.  The texture and shape of each tray, plate, coast, glass, and the small adornments titillate the eyes yet not distract one from the taste.  Joel Robuchon deserves the rating.   

We are the only unclassy table that take pictures no end. And then later on the quiet gentlemen across from us began to take snapshots of their food via Iphone:-) 

I am trying to remember the pricing in case people are curious.  Here is the ball park:

Price: Ranging from USD89 to USD 348 for 16-course around (tax and service not included)

Their wine starts from approximately USD 60 and up.  We ordered a bottle around USD195.

Thanks to my friend who took those pictures.

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