Versus Grand Opening, Taipei, Taiwan



Versus’ return to fashion world. This Taiwan store is the world’s largest Versus store and the 2nd one after Hong Kong. Taiwan’s super band FIR performed, and Versus showcased its latest fashion.  I ran into a friend from many years ago, and it turned out that he was playing guitar for FIR that night.    

There was no runway show.  Platforms were set up with model posing in their red and black pieces.   I have the feeling these pieces were customized for the perceived Asian taste, for they reminded me of the dated fashion style in the 90s that were prevalent in Chinese speaking region.  A lot of clutters in design that can be taken away.  I saw some nice shoes though, but they were not awefully innovative.  

I won a bag from the raffles. Lucky me:) Versus is a brand under Versace

~ by anita314 on April 10, 2010.

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